How do I take care of my Micropigmentation? How does the pigment evolve?

How do I take care of my Micropigmentation?

During the next 24 hours: Do not drink too much coffee, alcohol and tea. Do not apply cosmetics on the area. Best to wait about 3 days. You can put make-up on the rest of the face.

For 7 days: Wash delicately, do not scratch the area, do not recieve a facial (steam, massage),
peelings, swimming, sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, solarium or sunbathing in excess.

Apply something cold to relieve discomfort if necessary.
Always apply factor 50 sunscreen when sunbathing.

For eyebrows and Lips: Apply cream (neutral Vaseline)
twice a day for two weeks after treatment

Do not apply Bepantol

How does the pigment evolve?

24 hours: You will notice an increase in color and tightness.

After 5 and 8 days: You will notice an exaggerated color drop,
as if the pigment was not there. It forms a fluff that covers
the color. This process is normal. The pigment gradually rises.

After 45 to 90 days
There is the possibility to make a retouch, control of color and intensity and saturation. If the pigment is the same in all areas or a point has lost. Likewise, we will review the design, correct or if it is necessary to modify any point.
If a retouch were necessary, the same steps would be repeated as on the day of treatment, with the same post-treatment. 

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